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2021 10th Annual HPRBA Futurity
Pattern & Score Sheet

1. Drop Bit & ReBridle
2. Pick up at least one front & one back foot.
3. Handling Ability – Left to the rider’s discretion, but should include lead changes, stop back up and a complete spin in each direction. Pattern Below
4. There are three parts to this Division’s work: boxing, fence work, roping or circling.

Part One – Boxing the Cow – The rider shall ride into the arena, face the cattle entry gate, and signal for their cow to be turned into the arena. The cow shall be controlled on the entry end of the arena for a sufficient amount of time to demonstrate the horse’s ability to “hold” the cow. If the cow does not immediately challenge the horse, the rider shall aggressively move in on the cow to demonstrate his horse’s ability to drive and block the cow on the entry fence.

Part Two – Fence Work – After the cow has been controlled on the end of the arena, the rider shall set the cow up and drive it down the side of the arena. The cow should be turned on the fence at least once 54 55 in each direction. The first run out for a turn shall be past the half-way mark of the arena. All turns down the side shall be completed before reaching the end fence.

Part Three – Optional Roping or Circling - The rider has the option to either rope the cow or to take the cow to the middle of the arena and circle it at least once each direction. A rider may circle or rope the cow but cannot combine the two to get credit for this portion of the class.

• To rope the cow, the Exhibitor must be carrying a rope when the run starts. The Exhibitor may pull up after the fence work, take down the rope, and proceed to rope and stop the cow. The Exhibitor must then rope the cow and bring it to a stop. In the roping portion of this class, the Exhibitor is permitted two throws and the horse will be judged on two (2) maneuvers: tracking/rating, and stopping the cow. It is not necessary that the Exhibitor catch to receive a score in the roping portion. The catch is legal as long as cow looks through the loop and the rope pulls tight on any part of the animal’s body except the tail. The Exhibitor may tie their ropes on or dally. If the Exhibitor does not catch, the horse will be given credit for rating and tracking and will be assessed a 2 point penalty.

• To circle the cow, the Exhibitor will maneuver the cow smoothly at least 360 degrees in each direction without interference from the fence. The circle’s size, symmetry, speed and relative balance from right and left show control. Tightening the circles down with fast head-to-head speed will be a credit situation. The circles should be completed before the cow is exhausted. Once an Exhibitor has committed to circling a cow, if the cow falls down no new cow will be awarded. The Exhibitor will complete the run by riding around the fallen cow to fulfill circling requirements. In the circling portion of the judging, one whistle will terminate the work, two whistles will award a new cow.


Subject to Change

60 Pts
Score #1 Cow Work
60 Pts
Score #2 Look thru Loop-2 Loops Only
Roping  or Circling Cow
60 Points
Score #3
Hip# Rider - Owner Horse - Breeder Rebridle & PickUp Feet
15 Pts
Circle & Lead Changes
15 Pts
Stop & Back Up
15 Pts
15 Pts
Box Cow
30 Pts
Fence Cow
30 Pts
Speed, Rate & Tracking
20 Pts
Stop Cow
20 Pts
Pull Cow
20 Pts