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2016 Sponsors

Any Horse Sold Through the HPRBA Sale will be Eligible to
Return & Compete as a 3 Year Old.

***Shout Out to all HPRBA Buyers***
of YEARLING colts in 2014 and TWO YEAR OLDS in 2015!!
Invitations to the 2016 HPRBA Futurity are in the mail. 
If you receive an invite, but no longer have the colt/filly - Please forward the information to the current owner. If you now own a HPRBA 2016 Futurity Prospect but don't receive the invitation - Please contact the HPRBA at kathleen@hprba.com. 
It is going to be a Great Futurity in 2016!

All Horses with Completed Entry in the Futurity Will Be Eligible to Sell in HPRBA Sale
Remember You do not HAVE to Sell Your Horse
- JUST -
GO FOR THE MONEY & Prizes!!!

High Plains Ranchers & Breeders Association - email- 806 235-3776 - fax 806 635-5010